About Us

The Integrated System Design Laboratory (ISDL) at the University of Texas at Dallas is involved in developing core technologies for high-performance and low-power integrated systems. The applications range from power management ICs, high-speed high-resolution wire and wireless communication circuits and systems, sensor nodes and networks, to biomedical instruments.

By uniquely combining power electronics and integrated circuits, and by having a good understanding of both the underlying process technology and the higher levels of system architectures, controls, and operations, we are committed to providing innovative solutions to high-performance integrated system designs beyond the semiconductor roadmap.

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Recent Publications and News

Conf. "A 198-ns/V VO-Hopping Reconfigurable RGB LED Driver with Automatic VO Detection and Quasi-Constant-Frequency Predictive Peak Current Control" IEEE VLSI Symposium 2012
Journal "A 450-mV Single Fuel Cell Power Management Unit with Switch-Mode Quasi-V2 Hysteretic Control and Automatic Start-Up on Standard 0.35um CMOS" IEEE JSSC
Conf. "A 30-mA CMOS Low Dropout Regulator for WiMAX Analog Front Ends with 50 dB PSRR at 10 MHz" IEEE INTELEC 2012